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Hello, my name is Lotty Somers and I am a twenty-something girl living in London. I work in Musical Theatre and anytime I’m not doing that I work as a barre pilates instructor and fitness mentor. This background combined with my love of cooking led me to get creative in the kitchen, switching up unhealthy ingredients for their healthier version. Once I realised that cutting out the refined sugar from my favourite recipes, didn’t compromise the taste, it was a game changer.

I started learning a whole new language with food in the attempt to change my diet around and started experimenting with creating all of the sweet things I love in a nutritious and delicious form.The more I experimented the better and the more delicious my creations became. I love food and never wanted to feel like my diet was restricted, but instead learnt to cook and bake in a way that works in harmony for my body and nourishes from the outside in, whilst still being delicious. All my recipes are wheat, dairy and refined sugar free and I hope you love them as much as I do!

For more inspiration please follow me on Instagram at @lotty_loves_ or email lottysomersls@gmail.com for any questions or enquiries.

“Life is too short to not enjoy the foods we love so I hope I can inspire you to adore getting creative in the kitchen as much as I have”

Love Lotty X