Cinnamon and Banana Pancakes

These cinnamon and banana pancakes are a real winner, they are soft and fluffy just like traditional american pancakes, but with the lottyloves twist of being gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free! I LOVE the sweet/savory combination, so for a weekend treat I love serving these up with some scrambled egg, dry cured smoky bacon and … Continue reading Cinnamon and Banana Pancakes

Sweet Potato Pizza

This Friday really is a time to celebrate, as Feburay 9th in 'National Pizza Day'! So what a perfet excuse to try a helathy pizza base alternative! We have all heard of the inafmous 'cauliflour pizza' (which if you haven't tried already you must, as the flavour is amaizng!) But I think I can go … Continue reading Sweet Potato Pizza