Raw Caramel and Peanut Butter Easter Eggs 🐰🐣

What you need Caramel Centre: 75g Medjool Dates 1/2 tablespoon water Peanut Butter Dough: 5 tablespoons peanut nut butter 75g ground almonds 2 tablespoons maple syrup Chocolate Coating: 100g dark chocolate (at least 80%) 1 tablespoon coconut oil For Decorations: Desiccated/flaked coconut Cacao nibs Matcha powder Hazelnut pieces Flaked almonds What you need to do … Continue reading Raw Caramel and Peanut Butter Easter Eggs 🐰🐣

“Ultimate Energy Balls”

It is about time that I posted a recipe for some good old fashioned ENERGY BALLS! I’ve never actually posted an energy ball recipe before but they are so quick easy to make and are perfect for a pre/post workout snack... they also keep in a container in the fridge happily for 2/3 weeks so … Continue reading “Ultimate Energy Balls”